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About Us.

We have two sides and we are proud of it.

Appealing Campaign to Achieve Objectives

One leads in creativity to create the most appealing campaign – the
other one leads in detail number crunching to help brands achieving their business objectives.

Brand Development Till Enhancement

We have both knowledge and expertise in providing 360 Marketing, Communication, Sales Services for any kind of brands and industries.

Consumer Experience within a Full Integrated Campaign

One starts with consumer experience at the core – the other one expands it to a full integrated campaign.

A Detailed Bigger Picture

One establishes the bigger picture – the other one scrutinizes the details.

Passion and Discipline

One is motivated by the passion in marketing and communication – the other one is driven by discipline for the work.

Skill, Knowledge and Experience

One is based by skill and knowledge – the other one is enriched with seasoned experience.

The Team.

Bunch of very passionate individuals who came from many different backgrounds with long experience, unique interests, proven performance and achievement, while their difference complement one to another capabilities.

Mia Lukmanto

Group CEO

Hill Haritha

Creative & Planning

Bambang Nopianto

Account Director

Mario Napindo Tjahja

Managing Director

Eddo Firstyo


Ayu Windya

Account Manager

Devan Haryanto

Business Director

Arthan Juliano

Group Head

Hendrik Santoso

Head of Finance & Accounting

Our Works.

Screenshot 2023-12-06 131627
Screenshot 2023-12-06 132002
Screenshot 2023-12-06 131810
Screenshot 2023-12-06 132348
Screenshot 2023-12-06 131403

Our Affiliates

We have expanded ourselves, click through to check out our affiliates that focus on different marketing and communication discipline yet have the same values as us.


Send us your contact details for us to come and meet you, We would love to just talk and see where we can help your companies / brands.

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