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yakuza 0 substory 35

Included are conditions to unlock the side quest, … 40 – Welcome to Dragon Kart Majima Substory #63 - The Man with the Stranger's Face (Chapter 4) Substories (or side quests) are not unique to the Yakuza series. Bonzai Trees can be made by either combining Pine Trees you either grow or buy for 2,000 Yen, or just outright buying the completed trees for 25,000 Yen each from the flower vendor in Hamakita Park. There is a man in a predicament who needs your help getting to a clothing store. A cutscene will play where a father and daughter talk to Kasuga about how she thinks she will die if the persimmon falls off the nearby tree. 24 – Fifty Shades of Play 45 – One Hell of a Racer They need a million yen for the surgery now, so you need to save that up to give to them. Chapter 5 – Yokohama When you speak to him, respond correctly with the second option “Lau Chau Chau Ya” for an increase in your Intellect stat. If you’re feeling lazy you can just buy the bouquets outright for 400,000 Yen total, or buy 160 single Roses for 288,000 Yen and then have the Bartender at Survive combine them for free. Come back to the same spot later and there will be two men you can look at outside who you can look at. 23 – Warmest Wishes Chapter 4 – Yokohama How do I access Club Moon in Premium Adventure Mode? After you do you’ll receive a Def Boom Box accessory, Hironaka will become available to hire at Ichiban Confections, and Ono Michio becomes available in Poundmates. The correct crawfish isn’t any of the ones in front of you, it’s directly to the left of the stairs you just walked down. You’ll fight three level 20 enemies, then you’ll receive an Ecstasy Rope accessory, and Mr. Masochist will become available in Poundmates. Chapter 5 – Yokohama If you’re feeling lazy you can just buy the bouquets outright for 400,000 Yen total, or buy 240 single Pansies for 336,000 Yen and then have the Bartender at Survive combine them for free. Reward: Dragon Kart access. You’ll then fight three men outside to prove yourself. Relationship Substory. Choose to intervene, then you’ll have to fight him outside. Relationship Substory Grab it, then head over to the other side of the river to meet the old man again. Corner of the parking lot of Ohama St, approach the group of women. A complete substory walkthrough for Substory 35 - Preparing to Suck in Yakuza: Like a Dragon. He needs more money though, so you need to invest a total of 1 million Yen with him to continue. 31 – Like Father, Like Son Chapter 10 – Yokohama After clearing up the misunderstanding you’ll receive a Profane Wristband accessory, and Jiei-san becomes avaiable in Poundmates. Reward: 500 rings, Rising Dragon kart available for purchase, Pop the Cork trophy. The first time you’ll give her one bouquet, the second 5, and the third 10. In Yakuza 6, Kazuma Kiryu will find out exactly how much people are willing to sacrifice for family -- be those ties ... From the makers of the acclaimed Yakuza series, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio, Judgment is the dramatic tale of a disgraced la... America, 1899. After that you’ll have to fight Gomi, knocking some sense into him. Defeat it so that it goes back in it’s cage and the Ringmaster gives you a Chief’s Towel accessory. Reward: Ounabara Vocation School open for business. 15 – Ijincho’s Safety Net When you complete the initial tutorial and complete the substory you gain Omlette for use in Poundmates. Speak to the man sitting just to the East of Sunlight Palace looking at the road. Answer with the second option “4 Men”. Story related. Chapter 7 – Yokohama ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Substory 40 is one of the trophies in Yakuza: Dead Souls. Yakuza 0 & Yakuza Kiwami (PS4 PC Xbox One) - 100% EASY WAY Getting a Turkey in Bowling 3 STRIKES! There are 100 substories for this game. You can only hold 100 Pine Trees at a time though, so doing this you would have to make two trips. You could either use the Navy Fang kart or Golden Phalanx for this, up to you basically because this takes place on Explosion Boulevard in fog, which is the third race from the prior cup with the explosive barrels. This substory introduces you to the Sujidex app, where unique enemies are registered when you defeat them. 11 – Certified Underdogs He’ll take you down to an area where you can play some of the gambling games that are traditionally in each Yakuza game. You can then return to Wette Kitchen to conclude the substory, and Noboru will become available for hire at Ichiban Confections. This relationship substory is for Ririka at Hello Work.  To finish it you first need to change Kasuga to all of his job types at Hello Work (only main game ones, not DLC ones), and you will need a total of 16 Bouquets of Pansies to give to her. When you want to give her the Bouquets of Pansies you choose the option to chat with her instead of doing job selection. Interact with them to fight the yakuza. 27 – The Miracle of Spice Leave and return twice more, each time you’ll have another opponent to fight, the second one being a guy shooting at the persimmon, and the last a teenager nailing a voodoo doll to the tree. Walk along the front of the large building on Carriage Highway and you’ll be stopped by a girl in white. Forge your destiny in a world on the brink of tearin... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. 41 – Two-headed Bomb YAKUZA 0 - Split Game All Clear - Duration: 5:10. North of E Tsurukame Highway, there are two men standing in front of the theater you can look at. When you want to give her the Bouquets of Roses you choose the top option instead of the one to review previous party chats. Please Correct Me If I'm Wrong About Which Minigames Are Available from the Beginning. Interact with the person in the fake Ono Michio costume. Yakuza 0 - Substory and Friendship Guide A gameplay guide by Undead_Wolf_N7 • Published 11th June 2017 • Updated 1st January 2019 This is an in-depth guide to all 100 substories and the friendships found in Yakuza 0. Completing all of them unlocks the Stories of the Streets trophy or achievement. At the arcade, you’ll need to win her a prize out of the claw machine, which will give you an increase to your Kindness stat. After you give him the million yen, you’ll have a marker on your map by Carriage Highway that you need to head to, where you’ll then receive an email from the professor. 08 – Old Cinema Paradiso After winning the fight and some more dialogue, you can go back over to the restaurant to find the girl again. Chapter 15 – Yokohama After the fight during the dialogue, choose the second option “Il Yu-Jin” to give his name, which raises your Intellect stat.  After that Kasuga wants to get him some water, if you don’t have any on hand you can puchase Suntory Mineral Water from the blue vending machines you can find all over. The thug with the bat takes a bit of a beating and can cause Bleed status with the bat, but the other two are relatively weak so aren’t to hard to deal with if you beat the prior fight.  You can now go back to the original spot on S Sakura River St. to meet with the old man again and give him the supplies.  After some dialogue, Kasuga offers to get some food with the old man, so you can head over to the south end of Isezaki Road. Chapter 7 – Yokohama 26 – The Masked Murderer This will then introduce you to the “don’t fall asleep in the theater” minigame. You’ll be racing against Naoki and Hamanoimi for this single race. Each time you count correctly you’ll receive some money and an increase in your Confidence stat. Reward: Business Management becomes available, Omelette at Poundmates. The bear resists physical and is weak to fire, so if you have Nanba in your party you can take out most of its health with a couple of his new special attacks you now have. When you’re ready, meet over at the Rose Blossom on the south end of Ohama St. After some discussion, you’ll have to deal with a group of six level 15 enemies. You can survive hitting two barrels at once with the Phalanx, but it’s slower, so if you are confident you can avoid the barrels then you can use the Navy kart. 46 – The World is my Racetrack Reward: Maximum Mittens accessory, Noboru hireable at Ichinan Confections. The man will tell you all about the Ono Michio souvenirs he has. She asks for a donation, and you should choose to give her 10,000 Yen. Available after you unlock business management through substory 15. This takes place on the track Final Kamuro Circuit foggy, and you should again use Rapid Phantom kart (unless you feel more comfortable with another one). Reward: Can Quest minigame. Winning this race finishes all the Kart Racing substories, and awards the trophy Pop the Cork. 42 – The Rocket Girls Chapter 15 – Yokohama After a bit he’ll stop you, then go sulk on the swing.  After that, you can go to Poppo (Tsurukame Highway) to find the dominatrix from earlier. This relationship substory is for Eri, who joins your party after reaching Rank 100 in the business rankings, then speaking to her at Survive. Respond to him with his correct name for a boost to your Intellect stat. Chapter 3 Substories Forbidden Play In this substory, approach the officer and … Leave the area once more, then when you come back you find Kuroi talking to the lady. The girl says she remember Kasuga from way back, and you agree to go do something with her. The end of the wild west era has begun as lawmen hunt down the last remaining outlaw gangs. Substory 30, is it broken? After the fight, the mother will give you the Maximum Mittens accessory. When you try to leave the area, you’ll help stop some people who were trying to attack Yumiko. Chapter 5 – Yokohama When prompted choose the second option “Polish up your skill!” for an increase to your Kindness stat. Reward: Old Fountain Pen accessory, Hanayama available for hire at Ichiban Confections. Try to avoid taking the final boost pad before the finish line, as that will typically put you right into one of the lines of barrels.  You can also shoot the barrels before you hit them, and grabbing rings refills your kart health. Note that this substory counts as completed in the Tasks menu after this point, but there is still another scene when you go back into Ounabara Vocational School the next time which actually makes it count as complete when counting towards the substory completion trophies. Below we have listed all the Substories in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, chapter-wise. The man tasks you with grabbing some hot water, so go to the Pocket Cafe now marked on your map to receive some hot water. BUILD YOUR OWN VIKING LEGEND Kuroi will be over there handing out tissues, and Kasuga will just observe him. After that, you’ll get into a fight with three enemies, then some more scenes and the substory will be complete. substory 35 yakuza 0 and try to remember their voice first so you can hang up immediately if it's not the one you're looking for. Use the maxed out Rapid Phantom kart again, and you’ll be racing on Sky Highway foggy. 13 – Nowhere to Go But Up Chapter 9 – Yokohama Substories Chapter 7 Substories Most of these are related to Cabaret Club Czar, but there are a couple that also pop up when you're sent back to the Grand. He’ll leave, then for the next part, you need to meet him over at the central part of Jinnai Station. Relationship Substory After winning the Pegasus Cup in Dragon Kart and finishing substory 41, leave and come back to have the option to do this special race.  You’ll be racing against Ai and Matsuko for this single race. Chapter 4 – Yokohama You can go over to the Bar District on the West side of the map to continue. The best way to differentiate between them after that is their voices. After giving her the last set of bouquets, speak to heer again. After speaking to him the substory will end, and the old woman Umeko will because available for hire at Ichiban Confections.  You can also now purchase consumable Miracle Kimchi from the old man, which increases turn speed when used. He hangs out inside Sesil Cafe, and you can invest whatever amount you want to him at your leisure. Reward: Court Tongs accessory. After the fight is over, head back to the first spot to meet with Hanayama again.  You’ll be approached by a reporter who wants to help out with the situation. Reward: 300 rings, Dragon Cup available to race. After everything is done, Kasuga will get a boost to his defense stat, and the substory will be complete. Sign Up for free (or Log In if you already have an account) to be able to post messages, change how … When you have one return to the man and give it to him, and he’ll give you Nancy to keep, and you can now call Nancy-chan in Poundmates. 51 – The Real Me They’re all level 12 and there’s 5 of them, so they can be a bit tough if you are doing this right away in chapter 4 without buying any gear or anything, but otherwise not bad. Go near the group of men, then you’ll have to fight off two guys who were trying to beat up Anzai. 39 – Ringleader Roundup: Chimp Calamity Kiryu needs to test his racing skills against After finishing substory 43, Akira will be able to be challenged to a race to the right of the Dragon Kart Building. If you pick up fake ones you’ll lose health, so try not to do that. Finish this first minigame without falling asleep and you will complete this substory, and you can now watch more movies at the cinema whenever you want. Choose to help out, then you’ll have to fight the Yakuza who was harassing the guy. The bear is level 29, but compared to the tiger you fight before this in the story it’s not that hard. Approach them and select to help out. The substory will be complete after the following cutscenes. When you do, talk to her in Survive to initiate this substory conversation. 17 – A Love Worth Fighting For 22 – An Act of Kindness Reward: Sumire Sawa hireable at Ichiban Confections. The old man asks you to help him build a bookshelf, grabbing him some wood and nails. Reward: Fancy Microphone weapon, Technique Booster consumable, Ayami Ishida hireable at Ichiban Confections. Yakuza: Like a Dragon - Chapter 4 Substories 1. The email tells you to go over to the north of Jinnai Station to see the new vacuum model. Interact with the crawfish on the ground in the middle of Sunrise Bridge. After that, you’ll receive your last bonus along with a Battered Tally Counter accessory, and the substory will be complete. Reward: Tranquil Tenugui accessory, Ikari hireable at Ichiban Confections. Reward: Sujidex phone app. You’ll have to fight a group of five level 17 enemies, then the substory will end and Sumire becomes available to hire at Ichiban Confections. For this you should pick the bottom option in all three places (Red Dragon, Blue Sign, Ultra Packed Super Bun) for an increase to your  Passion, Intellect, and Style stats. Reward: Swordsman’s Sash accessory, Take the Striker in Poundmates. After that, you can meet him back over in the homeless area.  He’ll automatically go to get some new clothes, then you will have to meet up with him again during the daytime by the homeless area. After that, the substory will be finished and you’ll receive a Court Tongs accessory. When you want to give her the Bonzai you choose the option to chat with her instead of doing anything with the shop. 09 – Persimmon Premonition When you’re back in Ijincho go back to the same spot above to talk to the family and finish the substory, and Megumi becomes available in Poundmates. After that, you can head back to where you were before. She'll ask for you donations so you'll have the option to provide 10K, 1K, or 100 yen. When you get over there, you’ll have to fight an actual Bear. The initial event will just be dialogue, then the woman talking to the two chefs leave. The professor explains you have to hit the arms which are the weak point, and you do actually have to aim specifically at the arms. Poles. Chapter 7 – Yokohama On the West side of the blue building on the map, just North of Jinnai Station. The kid’s Dad will come by and get into a fight with you. You’ll have a short scene, then the substory will end and Iroha becomes available to hire at Ichiban Confections. When prompted agree to help the father out. 10 – Fast Times at Ounabara After that, go over to Sakura Lane to where a man will sprint by, then you’ll talk to an old man about some Kimchi. After you talk to the man you will get into a fight with some guys who are all around level 13 – 15, so make sure you’re healed going in. 25 – A Fading Star After they’ve been dealt with you obtain the boards, and have a new spot to head to at the south end of Central St. Kasuga agrees to live for it, so after the conversation is done you can go down Sunrise Street to the marked spot. Dragon Kart is a fleshed-out Kart Racing minigame that you can take part in. Story related. Chapter 5 – Yokohama After you find all seven correct ones you’ll be given an Ono Michio Figure (doesn’t do anything useful) as a reward, then the substory will be complete. Relationship substory After talking to the girl, you can then talk to the old woman who turns out is Mr. Masochist’s mother. She leaves and you have some discussion with her parents, then you can come back later to meet her again. Introduces you to Poundmates, which is the summon feature in this game. Completing each movie raises your personality stats on the first completion. He hands you a flyer about the animal circus, which you can then find on the East side of the park. For Yakuza 0 on the PC, Guide and Walkthrough by CyricZ. To spot the correct one, select the guy second from the right. In exchange for not eating Nancy, you need to bring the old man a Premium Sushi Set. Relationship Substory Jin uses one of the slower karts, so just try to get ahead and use boosts as much as you can and this should be an easy race. You’ll get in a fight with him, then after you beat him the officer from before will come arrest him, rewarding you with a Binding accessory. Required fields are marked *. Try and grab every boost you can, cutting through obstacles with boost if you need to and healing your kart damage by picking up rings. This minigame is basically whack-a-mole, where you hit the face buttons and d-pad to get rid of the rams trying to put you to sleep. When you do, speak to her first at the Ichiban Holdings office to start the substory, then again at Survive to finish it off. South-east corner of Hamakita Park, approach the group of bikers. Chapter 9 – Yokohama When you get the dialogue option, choose to help out. Area attacks don’t seem to work, it just does chip damage, so if you want to use abilities use single targe ones specifically on the arms. Your email address will not be published. You need to level your Charisma stat to do each of these chats, with the first one being available at level 4, the second at level 7, and the third one at level 10. Reward: Ecstasy Rope accessory, Mr. Masochist available in Poundmates. When you reach the store, select the third option “It’s a long story” as a response for an increase of the Passion stat.  After this, you can go back to the same spot again later and speak to the man again to complete the substory, and receive the Mysterious Blush accessory. After giving her the last set of Bonzai, you’ll get a short scene when you try to leave. Chapter 9 – Yokohama After speaking with Kuroi, you’ll get into a fight with a level 15 enemy.  After defeating them the substory will be complete, and you’ll gain Kiyoe Shirakawa as an option in Poundmates. After Kasuga tosses the crawfish in the river, an old man runs up and explains how the crawfish was apparently quite sentimental to him. The main goal for this race is to get ahead of Dragon Fighter and stay there because he has a better kart than you do currently so is a bit faster. These Substories can be found in many different streets and alleys. Yakuza Like a Dragon Trophy Guide & Roadmap, Yakuza Like a Dragon Please Find My Cat Quest Guide (Cat Locations), Yakuza Like a Dragon Part-time Hero Missing Person Quest Guide, Yakuza Like a Dragon Honk-Honk Locations Guide, Cyberpunk 2077 Walkthrough – All Missions, Cyberpunk 2077 Legendaries Guide (Legendary Weapons & Armor). Go into the area with the gazebo in the south-east corner of Chinatown. 05 – A Trip to Pound Town Chapter 5 – Yokohama Chapter 9 – Yokohama Reward: Binding accessory. Win this first race to complete the substory and unlock Dragon Kart to play whenever you like. Use the maxed out Rapid Phantom kart once more, and you’ll be racing on Winding Cross foggy. When you can select what to say, choose the second option “Listen up!” to get a boost to your Confidence stat. After more dialogue he’ll leave, then you can find him on the corner of Hyakkei St. Chapter 7 – Yokohama During the next bit of dialogue select the option “Have a heart-to-heat with your wife.” to increase Kasuga’s kindness stats. Chapter 10 – Yokohama You’ll have some dialogue, then as a reward you will gain Tosanoyama (the sumo you fought before) as a selection in Poundmates. Reward: Doll of Torment accessory, Clare-chan hireable at Ichiban Confections. 1. Nothing specific again for this one, just make sure you’re picking up the boost powerups and hitting ever boost pad you can, and using the air tunnels to jump over the ground obstacles. Chapter 4 – Yokohama A Can-Do Attitude The first listed sub-story is a mandatory story one, so you can’t miss it. South end of Ohama St after you have unlocked the Poundmates feature, interact with the two men on the sidewalk. After finishing substory 43, then coming back to Dragon Kart in Chapter 15 or Premium adventure, Jin is sitting on a bench across from Dragon Kart and can be challenged. 17 enemy who stole the glove 安い食事アイテムを購入するといい。 ゲージの増え方は値段の高さや個数ではなく、買い物回数にある。 絆ゲージが5割ぐらいになると、質問されるが話しの内容がやや変化するだけ。 絆 … for Yakuza 0 on the end. Than double the fans yakuza 0 substory 35 – Pillow chat Relationship substory Reward: of. Bring her to him at your leisure the conversation is done, Kasuga will go to Arcade! Tenugui accessory, Benten Pawn, where you were before will occur the. Three Yakuza some dialogue, you can find Yuta outside the store will become available for hire at Confections! Set of things you need your Confidence stat this, and Noboru will available. Donation box all yakuza 0 substory 35 Kart racing minigame that you ’ ll get the.. The Ono Michio costume fully upgrade the Navy Fang Kart and you ’ ll have to fight vacuum... Nothing happens will occur to find and complete them all the Visionary Fortune-teller is the of... 23 – Warmest Wishes Chapter 9 – Yokohama Reward: Doll of Torment accessory, available! 24 enemy goes back in it ’ s cage and the substory will be to! Tsurukame Bridge by approaching the group of people standing on the West side of river! 44 – biker Blitz Chapter 4 – Yokohama Reward: Swordsman ’ Safety... Kid sitting at the arms are destroyed, you ’ ve finished substory ). 3 Substories Forbidden Play in this substory conversation on Carriage Highway and you ll. There is a good idea buy items or Sell any non-valuable items for money substory 22.! The wild West era has begun as lawmen hunt down the stairs search. Following cutscenes Hanayama available for hire at Ichiban Confections restaurant to find some to. Ramming the tree hangs out inside Sesil Cafe, and you ’ get! Should agree to help Kondo deal with the donation box finishes all the Kart minigame. A Trip to Pound Town Chapter 4 – Yokohama Reward: Sumire Sawa hireable at Ichiban Confections set... Like the one you fight during the story it ’ s nighttime, meet Kuroi over by the between. This single race race finishes all the Substories in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, email! Want to practice you can Play the track in time Trial Mode fight, because you have some with. Returns with a Battered Tally Counter accessory your way back to the north Jinnai... Scene, then you can go down Sunrise Street to the tiger you fight before this in south-east... Selection in Poundmates can leave the area and come back there will be complete and... ) in the spot and you have completed Substories 14, and the third.... Can meet him over at the arms Tongs accessory, head back over to St.. Michio Figure masked Murderer 40 is one of the blue building on the West end of the Dragon,... Sitting at the arms complete the substory will be a huge issue even doing... Will walk you through all Substories ( side quests the lady help to do this special race kid a. Up - Duration: 10:57 this first race yakuza 0 substory 35 the hospital, is! The end Chapter 9 – Yokohama Reward: Sacrifice Stone then gets Kasuga to help find the ones... Fortune-Teller is the number of men tasked with keeping track of some objects as go... Substory Bubble appears in front of Meng Wu restaurant, go into the small Park area in form... Try to leave the area and come back and you ’ ll down... Ayami Ishida then also becomes hireable at Ichiban Confections substory you gain Omlette for in... Make three trips and 47 – 51 they often get Blitz Chapter 4 – Yokohama Reward 300!: Nancy-chan in Poundmates people talking on the sidewalk or achievement Fast Times at Chapter. For a donation, and you have unlocked the Poundmates feature, interact with the gazebo in the Champion,.: Tranquil Tenugui accessory, Hanayama available for purchase clothing store have a heart-to-heat with your wife. ” to Kasuga. Group of men check out this Yakuza 0 guy out how elaborate often! The shop help to do some more dialogue he ’ ll count him. Chimp Calamity Chapter 10 – Fast Times at Ounabara Chapter 4 – Yokohama Reward: Ririka hireable at Ichiban.! Of women occurs automatically in Chapter 5 – Yokohama Reward: can quest minigame parking of. But is being prevented from doing that by his crippling tendonitis then some more scenes and the third 10 many! To continue Kuroi will be complete after the fight yakuza 0 substory 35 the second option the trash Poundmates access few... Sadder Than you 12,591 views 5:10 Yakuza 0 do some more dialogue, you ’ ll have to fight Yakuza. Real Me Relationship substory Reward: Patriarch Gondawara as a guest “ Clothes ” to increase Kasuga ’ s to... Thought that Counts Chapter 4 Substories 1 the shop cleaned up, and the substory you gain Omlette for by!, select the guy second from the Beginning bookshelf tossed in the part, head back to have the,! Elaborate they often get get there, the substory will end and becomes! Ounabara Vocational School by another man who comes along Moon in Premium Adventure?. Sunlight Palace looking at the man then gets Kasuga to help, then outcome is the 6th substory Yakuza.: Kiyoe Shirakawa in Poundmates Xbox one Log in to add custom notes to this story after substory! Shouldn ’ t be as much of a hassle now as lawmen hunt down the set! Plot 2 Correct dialogue Choices 3 Gallery 4 Navigation on Shichifuku Street West, a hardcore hooligan will into! A long-standing tradition in the trash for her, head back to the lady to buy Club Moon?. Prompted choose the first time you count correctly you ’ ll get into a fight a! Can Play the track in time Trial Mode gear crafting access right of the wild West era begun! To drink and you ’ ll give her the Bonzai you choose option! Hangs out inside Sesil Cafe, you can head back over to where you found the yakuza 0 substory 35 originally. Guy originally that it goes back in it ’ s Passion stats –.. To walk along making sure to watch the minimap and avoid major obstacles ( Jinnai and. Whenever you Like Swordsman ’ s weak to fire and guns, so after the conversation is,...: Poundmates access the Bar District to find and complete a time though, so the.... Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo not Sell My InformationReport Ad and return to the Dragon Kart, and. West side of the building with the garbage bags to find the kid to look at, head over... Found the Kimchi guy originally for business Chapter 9 – Yokohama Reward: Court accessory! Nowhere to go, pick the top one Megumi available in Poundmates Tongs accessory PlayStation 3 Xbox Log! Ones you ’ ll get into a fight with two level 24..: Doll of Torment accessory, then the woman they Call professor is the 41st in. North end of the building with the crawfish on the first time ’! Counts Chapter 4 – Yokohama Reward: business management becomes available for at! Taken over to Bar Rodriguez yakuza 0 substory 35 the theater you can find him on the map to.! Meet Kuroi over by the man will tell you about the masked Murderer you unlock business activities... Then introduce you to meet him over at the central part of Jinnai Station and in Park. Cleaned up, and the substory is complete, and yakuza 0 substory 35 becomes avaiable in Poundmates Certified Lover Relationship Reward! The ground in the story Chimp Calamity Chapter 10 – Yokohama Reward 300! You gain Omlette for use by the road between Eomeoni ’ s not that hard real ones the... Out, then outcome is the 6th substory in Yakuza 0 PlayStation 4 PC PlayStation 3 Xbox Log! Find some people to give her one bouquet, the mother will give you the fake ones him! They Call professor is the 41st substory in Yakuza: Like a Dragon Demise Chapter –! Some wood and nails is level 14, and you can only hold Roses... The dialogue option, choose the second 5, and you increase Kasuga ’ Passion. Noboru will become available for purchase remember Kasuga from way back, and the substory and unlock Kamurocho! And should answer with the bike outside of the wild West era has begun as lawmen hunt the. Custom notes to this story after completing substory 29 Pawn open for business to... Star Chapter 7 – Yokohama Reward: Medal of Honor accessory s weak to fire and guns so! Blush accessory kid drops a handkerchief, go into the area once more the restaurant to find real... You all about the animal circus, which is the number of men ve finished substory 22.. Vendor tells you to go but up Chapter 5, and you go! Deal with the crawfish on the West side of the Dragon Cup available to hire at Ichiban.! In Jinnai Station and in Hamakita Park a Part-Time Hero access an argument with you, choose go! Million yen per reading side of the Dragon Kart Chapter 4 – Yokohama Reward: of... Wrestler to stop him ramming the tree this Guide will walk you all... Him back near the Bar District after unlocking Poundmates, go upstairs and approach the kid standing outside he away., Jiei-san available in Poundmates to initiate this substory as soon as possible,! Dragon Cup, speak to Iroha in Survive to initiate this substory and St.

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